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SPECIAL LIMITED RUN of refrigerator magnets: 

This 3.5 inch tall resin casting sculpted and handpainted by Christopher Johnson was originally part of the original design maquette used as his proof of concept reference in creating the Special Make-up Effects for the cult classic film DROP DEAD FRED.


Dimensions:     Height: 3-1/2"   Width: 4-1/2"   Depth: 1-1/4"

Finish:     Bronze

Weight:   4.5 oz

Handcrafted by the artist himself


Comes with Certificate of Authenticity


There will be a limited run of these refrigerator magnets created in-house at Christopher's studio. They will be cast out of a dense, high-quality urethane resin and hand-painted.   This is not a mass produced item, and as with all handcrafted pieces, there may be slight color variations and imperfections from the product photos.


Every limited-edition refrigerator magnet will be personally signed and numbered on the back by Christopher and will also  include a signed certificate of authenticity.


Please allow 8 – 12 weeks for delivery.


The price includes FREE priority shipping within the United States.   International shipping charges apply (calculated during check out).



DROP DEAD FRED "Refrigerator Head" 4.5 inch refrigerator magnet - Faux Bronze


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