30th Anniversary

For the 30th anniversary and upcoming BluRay release,

Chris is casting a limited number of resin artist proofs of his design maquette which he used to create the flat-face 'refrigerator head' prosthetic make-up he applied on Rik Mayall.  Available in two finishes, die-hard fans can now bring home a piece linked to the cult favorite film... directly from the artist who created it.

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"In 1990, I had just moved to Los Angeles and within a week of arriving, had the good fortune to be invited to create the Special Make-Up Effects for DROP DEAD FRED.  I barely had a moment to set up my new home, and then it was off to Minneapolis to meet Rik, Phoebe, and the whole gang!"

                                                                 -Chris Johnson

"Having your first experience on a Hollywood film be a picture like Drop Dead Fred is a dream come true.  Everybody on that film was supportive and encouraging, and it made all the difference for me."

                                                                 -Chris Johnson